Friday, August 31, 2012

simple tips to have a successfull life ^^

an aeroplane; body of aerplane- personal 1. thinks positive 2. eating habit 3. physical activity wings of aeroplane divide into 2 - friends 1. try best to get alot of friends -family 1. good relationship between family members wheels of aeroplane divide into 2 -source of money -job how to make money: 5 M 1. money make money 2. man power make money 3. management make money 4. manufacture new product make money 5. machine make money. service level 1. bad service 2. basic service 3. requirement 4. expectation 5. surprising 6. unbelievable this all just the main point , elobration is not included .....^^

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vajrasattva Puja 金刚萨埵超度法会

Vajrasattva Puja 金刚萨埵超度法会 for purification of negative karma and clearing obstacles date : 15/9/2012 venue : dewan Min Terk helper needed# helper time table : 1st team : from 9.00am - 1.30pm 2nd team : from 6.30pm - 11.00/11.30pm (need more people) 3rd team : whole day stay there ^^ who want to be helper please inform me (thor kait wei),.........

Saturday, July 30, 2011


31/7/2011 Good job all members because lastly you all also get involved in the marching competition of ‘’Hari Sukan SMK PENGKALAN LEBAI MAN 2011’’. Before this I got heard that you all met some conflicts between each other, but at the last you all also can cooperate with each other to finish up this marching competition. It is inevitable that some conflict will happen in a team. But the most important is how you going to address the conflict.

Then the second point I want to share at here is we must be tolerate with each other in a team. We should sit down and discuss a solution to solve the problem. Not emotionally go to solve the problem. As a human, we must know how to control our emotional, action and words. We must minimise the percentage of happen a conflict.

For those who rare attend to scout activity you all must know to differentiate what is important and what is not so important. Co-curriculum marks are very important for you to get into IPTA, so you seldom attend then you won’t having a good marks on this field, so what ipta want to accept you? Please consider first before you take any action.

Now I let you all know why I active in scout activity for so many years but I still no want to stop it. First, to be scout members when other place got organise anything, teacher will call me go there for helping if I got free time. From here I can meet more people and do something benefits to me and to public. Then when I free, I look back the old photos, I will feel happy because I got involve in so many activities that some people will not have this kind of chance. All this memories can’t buy with money ones. Time won’t walk backward ones, so we need to involve in activities as much as possible, before it is too late. Every time after I helping some ones I will be very happy, I feel you also will be like that if you want to be like me. It is very fun and memorable when we join this kind of activity. For example, on this 13/8/2011 I will bring a team of people to helping a ceremony organised by Chinese society, until now I still dint have enough person to help me, so I hope you all will join with me, it is very meaningful, don’t let chance to fly aways.

Anyone want to join please contact me 013-433 4719 (kait wei) or find me at facebook name (icefrog thor kait wei). Hopefully you all will understand it.